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Understand Keto Diet

What is a keto diet meal plan?

As a general rule, keto diet is very low in carbs, high in fat and moderate in protein.

The fats you consume throughout the day in the means of cooking fat like olive oil, butter and thoroughly fatty cuts of meats or eggs should constitute 65-70% of your daily calorie intake.

Proteins should account for 20-25% of total energy requirements, while carbohydrates should be limited to 5%. The nature of the carbohydrates should be coming from leafy greens, onions, tomatoes, cheese, nuts.

Mama Keto recommends to avoid foods like breads, pasta, sugary drinks, legumes, simple carbs, grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, high carbohydrate sauces and condiments, sugary desserts, unhealthy fats.

Make sure you eat a variety of healthy home cooked meals and avoid processed foods and bad fats. Now if you’re someone with a busy lifestyle yet want to eat ketogenic food, then your search ends here! Mama Keto is here to help. Mama keto delivers ketogenic diet food across Bangalore, via subscription meal plan basis. Macros and calories are tailor made according to your requirements.

How does keto diet work

Now you must be wondering how eating fat makes you burn fat? On a keto diet, you limit your carbohydrate and protein intake, resulting in a high-fat diet. Insufficient carbohydrates or protein means you don’t have much glucose so your body converts fat into ketones which provide you with energy. You thus burn fat to fuel your body.

You're constantly producing ketones. When you follow a ketogenic diet, however, those ketones take the place of glucose as your body's primary fuel source, and you enter ketosis.

The transition from glucose to ketones might take days or weeks, and maintaining it can be difficult. Even little amounts of carbohydrates or too much protein might make it difficult for your body to stay in ketosis. So the transition period, ie from when your Body goes from burning carbohydrates for fuel to burning fat for fuel it’s very important. Mama keto recommends that in this transition period you must try to eat extremely clean and highly ketogenic food which needs a strategy based planning.

Maintaining that strategy necessitates:

Maintaining a high fat intake: You'll need to consume an 80–90% fat diet to go into and stay in ketosis. In other words, dietary fats will make up the majority of your diet.

Keeping an eye on your protein consumption: Excess protein can be converted to glucose, which prevents ketosis from occurring. A keto diet restricts the quantity of protein you consume.

Keeping carbs to a minimum: Keep your carb consumption between 20 and 50 grams per day to stay in ketosis. To put that in context, consider the following: The carbohydrate content of an apple is approximately 25 grams.

Checking to see whether you're in ketosis: You are not required to do so, but blood, urine, or breath tests can be used to determine the level of ketones produced by your body. To do this you can buy ketone testing pee sticks. They aren’t very accurate but you get a good idea.

Now let’s see the benefits of the keto diet:

Studies suggest that keto diets produce fantastic and speedy weight loss outcomes, at least in the short term. They can also aid in the treatment of diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

Many reasons contribute to these advantages, including:

Insulin levels should be reduced. Your blood sugar levels rise when you eat foods high in carbohydrates and, to a lesser extent, protein. Insulin enters the picture to lower blood sugar levels by transferring glucose to your cells for energy or storage as glycogen. High insulin levels, on the other hand, which might occur when you consume too many carbohydrates, can inhibit fat loss. Insulin levels are kept low on a keto diet. Low insulin levels make it easier for your body to access fat stores for fuel.

Are you now convinced enough to embark on your ketogenic journey? If not, try out Mama Keto’s keto food delivery services across Bangalore and you’re sure to fall in love with keto!

Learn the 10 different types of keto diets

What are the different types of keto diet?

It is Common information that a keto diet is high in fat and low in carbs but did you know that there are different variations of the popular high fat low carb ketogenic diet? In this article by Mama keto we are going to explore the different types of keto diet.

  1. a strict ketogenic diet.

    This is the original version of keto, which was created in the 1920s to help treat seizures. It's also known as the "therapeutic keto diet."

    Here fat accounts for 90% of daily calories, protein for 6%, and carbohydrates for only 4%.

    Who It's Ideal For: Epilepsy Patients

  2. The Most Common Keto Diet Is the Standard Keto Diet

    How Does It Work? This is the most frequent keto method, which involves getting 75% of your calories from fat, 20% from protein, and 5% from carbs. According to Shapiro, this entails restricting carb intake to 20 to 30 grams (g) per day. It's crucial to remember that while this is the most popular keto diet, it's not the original or therapeutic keto diet.

  3. Targeted keto for athletes

    How Does It Work? According to Daniela Torchia, PhD, a registered dietitian in Loma Linda, California, you'll stick to the keto diet until 30 to 45 minutes before activity, when you'll take roughly 25 g of carbs. The idea is that you'll consume just enough carbs to power your workout while still being able to effortlessly transition back to ketosis once you've finished. Choose easy-to-digest carbohydrates (such as white bread or white rice) and avoid adding calories to your daily total.

  4. A High-Protein Keto Diet

    This form of keto necessitates a slight increase in protein consumption. Protein should account for roughly 30% of calories, with fat accounting for the remaining 65% and carbohydrates accounting for 5%. Aim to get your protein from both animals and plants (meat, fish, and dairy) and (nuts and seeds).

  5. A Cyclical Keto Diet or ‘Keto Cycling’

    You'll cycle in and out of keto on cyclical keto, also known as keto cycling, by sticking to the diet for five days and then eating extra carbs for one or two days. "The goal of keto cycling is to make it simpler to stick to”. They can have the carbohydrates they've been restricting every five to six days. There is no fixed pattern for how you should spend your carb days.

  6. The Lazy Keto Diet

    The goal of the so-called "lazy keto" diet is to make the keto diet more manageable. If you keep your carb intake low enough and don't go crazy on the protein, you should get outcomes that are similar to conventional keto, according to Kizer. "As long as carbs are kept low enough, which varies by person but is usually less than 50 grammes per day,

  7. A Mediterranean Keto Diet

    Mediterranean keto is a hybrid of two popular eating styles: keeping to conventional keto macro quantities while focusing on Mediterranean diet staples like fatty fish and olive oil. According to Madeline McDonough, RDN, a Boston-based nutritionist, the quality of lipids you consume is the most important factor. "Unlike the typical keto diet, which doesn't specify which fats to prioritize, Mediterranean keto diets place an emphasis on monounsaturated fatty acids, which may help lower LDL cholesterol, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory."

  8. Lower fat keto diet [keto 2.0]

    The amount of fat in Keto 2.0 is reduced, but carbs and protein are raised, with the goal of allowing you to eat a larger range of carbs, such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. In Keto 2.0, leaner cuts of meat, as well as seafood, are encouraged. There are 50 percent fat, 30 percent protein, and 20 percent carbohydrates in this recipe. "When compared to the standard keto diet, this diet offers greater diversity," Scholl explains.

  9. Dirty Keto

    To explain dirty keto in very simple terms it is the standard keto diet but instead of eating fats, healthy carbs and healthy fiber you are eating something that is not as healthy but you are still staying under the carb limit for the day therefore still being in active ketosis. Standard keto won’t allow you to eat fruits but in dirty keto you can eat maybe say a single serving of a high carb fruit, So long as it is under 20 grams of carbohydrates. Mama keto Recommends this version of keto only for people who don’t have time and lack creativity in cooking.

  10. Clean Keto

    We saved the best for the last clean keto. The idea here is to eat absolutely clean, no junk fresh vegetables, organic, grass-fed, pasture raised, and cold-pressed, and whole plant based foods. It is exactly the opposite of dirty keto. Like dirty keto in this one too you have to maintain similar micronutrients and macro nutrients such as the standard keto diet.

So now that you are aware of the kind of keto diets to exist you may go ahead and pick the one which suits your dietary needs and also your goal. Once you know which type of keto diet you want to do, Mama keto will take care of the rest of the needs. At Mama Keto we offer Customized ketogenic meals as per your needs delivered to your doorstep. We deliver all across Bangalore. So don’t forget to check us out!

What are all the keto friendly beverages available?

If you are following the keto diet then you must be wondering what all beverages you can have on the diet apart from water. As just water gets boring, right?

Here’s the top recommendations of Mama Keto for keto friendly beverages:

  1. Coffee: it’s a no brainer. nearly zero calorie- and carb-free. No sugar, no creamer. Preferably black
  2. Green or black tea: Tea is a natural option with very few carbohydrates - often less than 1 gram per cup (240 mL). You can drink it cold or hot. No sugar.
  3. Diet sodas: although they are free of sugar and low in carbs, this should only be consumed in moderation.
  4. Herbal teas: Infusions made from dried flowers, fruit, leaves, or herbs are known as herbal teas. Hibiscus, chamomile, Yerba mate, peppermint, and rooibos tea are some examples.
  5. Sparkling water: Sparkling water is carbonated either naturally from a mineral spring or artificially using carbon dioxide gas during the manufacturing process. Although many sparkling water options are flavoured, they are often unsweetened, making them a great low-carb option.
  6. Lemon or lime juice: You can make yourself a refreshing lime juice drink by simply adding lime juice, stevia, and rock salt to cold water or bicarbonate soda.
  7. Nut milks: almond milk, macadamia nut milk, flaxseed milk is all keto friendly and great to be used in smoothies.

Some other common ones are, coconut milk, vegetable juices, then you can also buy flavoured water (unsweetened or stevia sweetened). So thus you see there are plenty of options other than just water. Hope you found this article by Mama Keto useful! If you want such keto-friendly beverages to sip throughout the day then you can order from Mama Keto’s keto meal delivery services, available all over Bangalore.

Foods to avoid on the keto diet

At Mama Keto, our goal is to make people’s lives easier and healthier by the virtue of delivering nutritious ketogenic food. When on the keto diet, one must be aware of the foods that you should definitely avoid. Any food that’s high in carbohydrates should be avoided as in order to be in ketosis, you must consume less than 20g net carbs a day.

Mama keto recommends to put a special check on the consumption of:

  1. Sugary food items such as: cola, fruit juice, smoothies, cake, ice cream, candy, and other sweet foods
  2. Grains: Wheat-based products, rice, pasta, cereal, and other grains or starches
  3. Fructose: All fruit, with the exception of small pieces of berries such as strawberries
  4. Legumes: Peas, kidney beans, lentils, chickpeas, and other legumes
  5. High carbohydrate veggies: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and other root vegetables and tubers
  6. Gimmicky dressings: Low-fat mayonnaise, salad dressings, and condiments are examples of low-fat or diet items.
  7. Sauces: bbq sauce, honey mustard, teriyaki sauce, ketchup, and other condiments or sauces
  8. Processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise, and other harmful fats
  9. Most alcohol: beer, wine, liquor, and mixed drinks are all examples of alcoholic beverages.
  10. Diet foods: Sugar-free diet foods include sugar-free candy, syrups, puddings, sweeteners, and desserts, among other things.

If you simply avoid the above mentioned items, then you’ll be able to get ketosis. Don’t forget to check out Mama Keto’s nutritious keto meal plans to get you into ketosis!

What are the keto friendly foods to eat?

As keto becomes more and more popular as the days go by, with more and more people opting to go for a ketogenic diet as a lifestyle, it is important to know what are the keto-friendly foods that you can have on your diet. At Mama Keto, we believe in eating Whole Foods that are nutritious and perfectly keto, suited according to your macros.

The Mama Keto recommended list of ketogenic food includes:

  1. Variety of Meats: There are a variety of meats available, including chicken, hog, steak, ground beef, lamb, bacon, turkey, ham, and sausage (in limited amounts).
  2. Fatty seafood: Salmon, snapper, tuna, halibut, cod, trout, catfish, and scallops are examples of fatty seafood.
  3. Crab, clams, oysters, lobster, and mussels are examples of shellfish.
  4. Healthy Fats: Eggs, butter, coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, lard, avocado oil, homemade mayonnaise, whole avocados are the most common fats and oils.
  5. Dairy products: Heavy cream, soft and hard cheeses, cream cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream are examples of high-fat dairy.
  6. Low Carb Veggies: Cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, zucchini, green beans, peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, asparagus, cucumber, onion, mushroom, spinach, lettuce, and olives are among the veggies available.
  7. Nuts: Almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, and their butters are the most common nuts.
  8. Berries: Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are among the berries available, but only in moderation.
  9. Here are a few of your favourite beverages: Coffee that is not sweetened, soda, occasionally vodka, ACV drink, Diet Coke (once in a while)

So now you know what all you can have on the keto diet. If you are feeling overwhelmed right now with all the information and are looking for a simple way to be on the keto diet then Mama keto is here to help! Mama Keto delivers nutritious keto meals across Bangalore, and the macros are tailor-made according to your health goal.


Keto Diet Plan for Weight Loss

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